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Each day our email server sends an email to everyone who has subscribed. If you are not receiving your daily verses, either you have been unsubscribed, in which case you will have received a notice by email. Or, the daily verses are probably being caught in a spam filter, either on your computer or on your email provider's site. This is beyond our control, but you can check into it.

If you were unsubscribed, just subscribe again (by entering your email at the bottom of this page where it says "Click to subscribe"). If you try to subscribe and get a message that you are already on the list, that means that you are on the list already, and the verses are somehow being lost. If you have another email address, then you can subscribe with that email.

Also, you can always view the daily verses here at our web site, or get them by RSS feed.

Translations Used

We use various English translations of the Bible. Here is a List of Bible Translations Used. For more information on why we use different translations, please read Bible Translation Information.

Unsubscribing From A List

Every daily email we send out has an URL at the bottom that instantly removes you from THAT mailing list. (For most everyone except those using AOL, this URL shows as a clickable link. If you use AOL, you must copy that URL into your web browser to use it.) Here is a sample to show what the real one on your email will look like:

    To stop receiving these Scripture emails, click or go here...

There are five different mailing lists for daily verses. Each list is separate and must be unsubscribed from separately.

If you need help to unsubscribe (for example, if the above paragraph does not make sense to you), then please forward to us an entire daily email, so we can use the link at the bottom to remove you from our list. Just sending your email address and asking us for removal is not sufficient. Our email program is case sensitive, so we must have the exact spelling and capitalization of your email address as you entered it when you subscribed. Otherwise, the removal will not work -- although the server will send you a notice saying you were unsubscribed. (This happens because the email list program is case sensitive, but the regular email program it uses is not case sensitive.)

When you unsubscribe you will receive an automatic email informing you of your removal. It will give directions to subscribe again in case you made a mistake.

We understand why some might hesitate to click on a link that says it will remove you from a list, because of those sending out millions of spam emails with a fake unsubscribe link. Our links are real and work instantly, but we will gladly click the link for you if you will just forward the entire email to us. Just hit reply and make sure your email contains the full original email we sent out.

Changing Your Email Address

Please follow the directions in the previous section on unsubscribing to remove your old email address. Then subscribe again at our web site with your new email address.

You can understand that we do not have time to change email addresses for thousands of people. Especially when it is set up so that you can easily do it yourself.

Other Ways To Receive These Verses

You can also receive these daily verses by RSS. For more details on RSS click here.

Why Was I Taken Off A List?

Subscriptions are automated on the email server which sends out a notice by email if you have been taken off a mailing list. You probably forwarded a verse to someone who used the instant unsubscribe link, that is at the bottom of every daily email we send, to unsubscribe you.

If you were removed from a list, just enter your email address again below (where it says Click to subscribe) to continue receiving the daily verses. There is no need to contact us.

This Is A Free Service

There never has been, and never will be, any charge for our service. We desire everyone to become more acquainted with our wonderful Lord Jesus and His Word, so we gladly pay the expenses to provide this service freely.

But We Accept Donations

If you would like to show your support, you may give an offering here. All gifts, no matter how small, are appreciated. If everyone gave even $1 per year, it would help greatly.

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